Familiar Company created in 1990, nowadays Pavistamp is decided to introduce and improve the construction materials environment impact. And Pavistamp will also satisfy the actual generation needs without compromising the future generations possibilities to attend its own needs, Pavistamp makes a bet for the new generation ECO products formulated 100% with recycled aggregates.

Nowadays Pavistamp continues with its expansion to other countries in the world, with new products such as mortars 100% ecologic Green line pavements and lime mortars, thermal isolation (SATE / ETHICS), self-levelling and repair mortars, glue and joint mortars, epoxy resins, micro mortars...

Presently, Pavistamp is a dynamic and flexible company adapted to the sector needs and distributing its products all over the world, obeying always a quality and customer satisfaction policy.

Pavistamp has a management system, according to the Norm UNE-EN ISO9001:2000 for the design and product production activities, pavement and facades coating systems, and the tools for this coating application merchandising also.

All the mortars accomplish the norm UNE-EN requirements:

  • Green Line 100% recycled aggregates EN-13813-2003
  • Micro cements EN-13748-2:2004
  • Self-levelling EN-13813:2003
  • Industrial pavements EN-127020:1999
  • Monolayer mortars EN-998-1:2003
  • Repair mortars EN-1504-3
  • Glue mortars EN-12004:2008
  • Epoxis: EN10504-2