In order to improve the environmental the construction materials and satisfy the needs of the present generations without compromising the possibilities of the future one to attend its own necessities, Pavistamp bets for the new generation products ECO formulated 100% of recycled aggregates.

The environmental respect, the energetic costs, the constant growth, the in action climate change and global warming awareness have made advance the tendency increasing the Green Line product in a global level.

The construction has an elevated impact over the environment, to improve the environment performances is nowadays our priority in order to cope with the climate change challenges.

The constructive system it is placed in the center of the problems of the global sustainability:

  • Produces 40% of CO2 emissions.
  • It is use responsible of 35% of the environmental resources.
  • It is responsible of 38% of the waste.
  • You have an important impact on the human health.

From 2005, Pavistamp starts its work beginning with a preliminary study on the environmental impact of the chemical products for the construction sector. From this study and an extensive documentation about the effects in the health and the environment Pavistamp has been developing the Green Line Eco, , the first evaluation method to guide the product development more respectful for the environment and help the consumer in their election, filling a legislative empty and putting order in the proliferation of an environmental classification volunteering, fragmented and uncompleted.

Green Line Eco has been created to give the edification market a instrument capable to orientate the project and the eco-compatible buildings construction using green technologies products contributing to obtain a healthy environment and sure for people or nature, as they reduce the environmental impact are used or distributed.

The Green Line Eco is the reference point that gives value to the environment performances of the construction materials with a finality:

  • Standardize a measurable methodology that it is a green product.
  • Improve the environment performances with the time.
  • Promote among producers the products Eco development.
  • Inform properly the public opinion over the Green Line benefits.
  • Transform with the time the construction sector towards the sustainability.

The Green Line Eco takes into consideration 5 great sectors of environmental relevancy:

  • Restoration and recycling of natural minerals.
  • Reduction of C02 emissions to the exterior.
  • Reduce use of the harmful substances for the health and environment.
  • The air quality indoors.
  • The recycling after the usage life.

The technologies of Pavistamp Eco line contributes to create pleasant ambient, more healthy in which to live and to work participating actively in the reduction of the CO2 emissions and they can apply all the buildings: new construction and already existing, great surfaces, schools, public infrastructures, sanitary sector, offering a more healthy context and guarantee a more healthy life, as well as a bigger life quality to people.

The benefits in the building Green Line Eco


The technology adapted to Green Line of Pavistamp, incorporate important benefits for the environment, with the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, the higher use of materials emerging from recycled aggregates, definitively being respectful with the surrounding environment and the air quality.

Health benefits

  • Improves considerably the air in closed environments.
  • Avoid as much as possible the sick building syndrome.
  • Avoid proliferation of mold, fungi, bacteria...
  • Increases comfort and quality life.

Objectives and economic benefits

According to the norms evolution and with complement, Pavistamp tries to reduce the environmental impact parameters with each classification criteria and tries to improve the product performances.