CEMCOL mortar glue
Adhesive that is applied on any cement support.

The mortar glue is pre-mixed with water, in the proportions indicated on the package and product data sheet, until a paste is obtained that is consistent and creamy, allowing easy application with the appropriate trowel. If a large quantity is to be used, it is convenient to use a mixer coupled to a drill, to avoid that the mass is lumpy. Always take into account the life of the product and the time of rectification that allows, as well as the surface where the parts are to be placed must be completely vertical and must not have roughness.


  • The support has to be resistant, its setting complete and it has to be without dust, oil, greases...
  • Sanitize the disaggregating parts.
  • Use mesh between different nature supports.
  • On supports exposed to the sun or very absorbent it is recommended to moisten them previously.
  • Over cement, concrete base… their setting has to be completed (≥28 days).
  • Avoid application with direct insolation.
  • Direct insolation and wind cause a lower mortar opening time and imply a lower adherence.
  • Do not apply with rain risk outdoors, or with a 3% superior humidity indoors.
  • On outdoors floors, the support has to have a minimum 1% inclination for the water evacuation.
  • On great format coatings (≥ to 40 kg/m2) it is indispensable to use mechanical anchorage.
  • Do not apply the flagstone, stone, marble… in a “touches” way.

PAVICOLOR mortar for joints
For the filling of joints between tiles from 0 to 25 mm, in any type of pavement, ceramic coating.

  • Joints between flagstones have to be clean, dry and without dust.
  • A water excess will hinder the mortar final performances.
  • The rejoint has to be made after 24-48 hours from the ceramic fixing.
  • Apply in small surfaces in order to be able to clean progressively.
  • On applications over porous or absorbent surfaces, perform a treatment to the flagstones with Protector PAVISTAMP, before proceeding with the rejoint in order to avoid the pieces to get stained.
  • Fit to be used with refillable pistol.
  • Outdoors do not apply with direct insolation or strong wind.