The present and future constructions are characterized by the energetic saving requirements and the environment care, being an optimal material by the easiness and low cost for its recycling.

The product and application protocol guide of external thermal insulation system (ETICS) with extruded polystyrene pretends to give an answer and a solution to the interest and demand in the market to this construction solution for new construction facades, as well as energetic restoration work.

The external thermal insulation system with insulators extruded polystyrene panels (EPS-XPS) consists in the, that are going to be coated with application, over the exterior surface in the existing façade, of the insulator panels t with the SYSTEM PAVI-THERM ETICS mineral finish or PAVI-THERM ETICS acrylic finish.

REVISTAMP coating products are known for their quality, high performance and wide range of colors. PAVISTAMP has developed a wide range of coating products, from traditional single-layer mortar, and monolayer micro-mortar improved print finishing - textured, which are having a great acceptance in the construction world.

The application of each mortar specifically detailed in the Technical data sheet.


  • The support must be flat, clean up, stable, resilient and be free from dust, paint, oil...
  • To prepare the mortar, using the same percentage of water and mixing time for the entire execution.
  • Use grid for the marriage between media of different nature. The mesh must cover a minimum of 20 cm. on each side of the union.
  • Do not add any additive to the mortar without the express permision of PAVISTAMP.
  • The application temperature is between +5ºC and 30ºC. In hot weather must be wet before and after apply the coating.
  • May cause irritation by cement content. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of irritation rinse with clean water.
  • Stay dry and protected from the weather.
  • For any questions, see the datasheets or contact our technical department.