For some time, our customers have been of the opinion that the market has the need for products that are 100% lime, this has caused us to change part of our origins to return to them, lime.

The company has always been renowned for its desire for innovation and its ability to cope with new challenges and we want to help you achieve your objectives more effectively. How? By presenting our new line of REVEX CAL products.

We are aware that our company has made the professionalism and the quality of the products it manufactures and distributes its main business case. For this reason we have no hesitation in launching our new line of REVEX CAL products, which fulfils the needs of the market.


REVEX CAL is the new brand of 100% lime mortars. Behind this launch are years of research and work to obtain an excellent product that reaches our customers, the limes are carefully chosen by specialized staff that are responsible for selecting the limes that meet the most stringent quality standards.

All these features make REVEX CAL an essential brand in your catalogue of products, both for rehabilitation work, sustainable construction, eco construction and new builds.

Among the benefits of the use of lime-based mortars, its wide range of resistances are of particular note, ideal for consolidating bricks or stones, and capable of withstanding almost any climate. It produces more plastic, malleable, and long-lasting mortars for outdoor reliefs and ornaments. At the same time, its porosity makes it permeable, thereby attending to the needs of a building to dry out and breathe, thanks to its ability to allow the vapour and moisture to be released to the exterior. In addition, the intrinsic properties of lime makes it a “healing” product of fungi and bacteria that plague old and damp constructions. Finally, the ability to grow stronger with the passage of time makes it one of the most noble materials for the recovery of old buildings, which is why we consider that these materials form part of sustainable construction by helping the environment to become more noble each day.