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Pavistamp has always been known throughout the world and is accredited in practice for the quality of all its products manufactured and reviewed under strict standards. Our range of products is developed and periodically revised following a rigorous manufacturing protocol. We guarantee the quality of the products under control and certified by independent approved laboratories.

Inc. Española de Hormigones Estampados, better known as PAVISTAMP, is a family business created in 1990, determined to implement the stamped concrete technique in the European market and dedicated to manufacturing the products and elements necessary for its preparation and marketing. Later it began its expansion to other countries in the world, with new products such as monolayer mortars, glue mortars, resins, repair mortars, and micromorters.

Today it is a dynamic and flexible company adapted to the needs of the sector that distributes its products all over the world, always obeying a policy of quality and customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing company since 1990, exporting to 40 countries.
Constant quality improvement systems.
Supplier of Systems for Pavements and Facades.
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We are manufacturers

Pavistamp has a management system, in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, audited and certified by LGAI Technological Center APPLUS for the activities of design and production of products, cladding systems for floors and facades, as well as the marketing of tools. for the application of the same.

All mortars meet the requirements of the UNE-EN standard:

Green Line 100% recycled content EN-13813-2003

Microcements EN-13748-2: 2004

Self-leveling EN-13813: 2003

Industrial flooring EN-127020: 1999 Monolayer mortars EN-998-1: 2003

Repair mortars EN-1504-3

Glue mortars EN-12004: 2008

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The PAVISTAMP training center offers the opportunity to take theoretical-practical courses at our headquarters, as well as at all distribution points around the world, on the most interesting contents of the construction sector, both for new construction and restoration.

PAVISTAMP puts at your disposal all the materials, work clothes, as well as the necessary tools to carry out the course.

Once the course is finished, you will receive a certificate of conformity, which will certify the attendance and acquisition of the basic knowledge exposed during the training sessions.

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