Coatings (facade decoration)

Single-coat mortars, microcements and single-coat mortars perfected to achieve different types of stamped-textured finishes with high decorative features, protection of walls and a wide range of colors. These products are an alternative to the traditional system of plastering and painting, providing an aesthetic and characteristic texture.

They are composed of a hydraulic conglomerate, aggregates of selected granulometry and specific additives. They are ready to be used by hand or sprayed by machine and are very easy to apply. They are optimal for their low recycling cost and meet the requirements of today’s energy-saving and environmentally friendly construction.

Its mixture is homogeneous, has a low tendency to segregation, high adherence, greater resistance to sagging, higher performance, long working time and good water retention capacity.

The coatings and products with the Exterior Thermal Insulation System (SATE) with extruded polystyrene (XPS-EPS) are insulating panels that will be coated with mineral or acrylic finishes to provide a constructive solution for facades in new construction and other energy rehabilitation works.