Repair mortars and mounting

Pavistamp mortars to repair concrete structures. They have multiple utilities according to the ultimate purpose they pursue:

  • Preventive maintenance, in those cases in which the lesions manifested in the concrete are minimal or non-existent.
  • Repair of the damaged concrete and its regeneration by means of specific products, in the case of obvious damage to the structure that does not entail a loss of load-bearing capacity.
  • Structural reinforcement in those cases in which the level of damage significantly limits the safety margins; or, in those cases that, for whatever reason (design errors, execution, change of preferred use of the structure, etc.) require an increase in the bearing capacity.

It is important to properly choose the mortar to be applied to ensure a correct repair of a concrete structure. Nowadays, it has been perceived that concrete is more vulnerable due to the environmental pollution that produces the emission of gases into the atmosphere and destroys the steel layer of its reinforcement. The phenomena of cracking and disintegration have their origin in the oxidation of the reinforcing steel with the consequent detachment of the concrete layer. It is important to promote the operations related to the concrete sanitation.