Pavements and floor renovations

The products needed to successfully carry out a pavement. A mold or underlayment, the body of the floor and a coating or finish are needed. The use of high quality materials ensures a renovation result as well as a floor decoration that meets the requirements.

How is a floor composed? By an underlay or mold, the body and the coating or finish. The mold must be made of materials that have leveled and consolidated the platform and that are sufficiently stable to receive the body of the pavement. This is made up of concrete, which must have a strong tensile strength, and reinforcement, the most suitable usually being welded grating.

The coverings are the surface finishes that provide continuity and serve as decoration and protection for the different types of floors. They must comply with certain guidelines in their placement:

  • To provide security against possible landslides.
  • Choose the right mortars to avoid cracking.
  • Observe the proper arrangement of expansion and retraction joints.
  • Observe the possible use of additives in the mortars or specific pastes that guarantee a correct performance.
  • Perform an orderly sequence in the placement of cladding in multi-story buildings.