Epoxi Acrylic Coating

Coat your substrates with epoxy resin floorings. They guarantee a continuous surface that is easy to clean, with excellent mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion. Get it from the use of different types of systems, finishes and qualities.

Epoxy resin is one to two times stronger than concrete, crack-free and waterproof. The mechanical strength of epoxy resin can be increased by adding certain special chemical compounds. In turn, epoxy has a medium resistance to weak acids and a very good resistance to alkalis, UV rays and organic solvents.

They are used in surface treatments of concrete pavements, both smooth and rough, forming a thin anti-skid layer that improves aesthetics and facilitates cleaning, as well as eliminating joints.

They are generally made up of two components that are mixed prior to use: the resins with the catalyst agent that reacts causing the resin to solidify. They are cured at room temperature and it is there that cross-links are formed, which causes their molecular weight to be high.

It is applied on cement-based substrates, which in turn can be based on tiles, asphalt, metal, wood or synthetic resins. Decopox spatula, ideal for repairing interior floors with a decorative effect, is one of the most widely used water-based screeding mortars or semi self-leveling mortars.