100% solid epoxy coating high chemical resistance

Pavex-WS Flexible



100% solid epoxy coating high chemical resistance


The Pavex WS flexible is a coating based on 100% solid epoxy resin with great chemical resistance, it is used for the protection of steel and concrete subjected to the most severe chemical attacks.


  • Widely used in the interior protection of tanks destined to the storage of different chemical products in general; aqueous solutions (acidic and basic), a large part of aromatic and aliphatic solvents, gasoline, petroleum, crude…
  • Resists current unleaded gasoline.
  • It is also used for the protection of concrete floors subjected to frequent spills and splashes of all kinds of aggressive chemical agents;
  • Electroplating workshops, cellulose, dairy, wine, petrochemical industries and in general on all types of soils, both new and old.
  • Due to its good wetting power on fiberglass, it is used successfully for the interior lining of tanks.
  • Presents a good cure, even at low temperatures, also good resistance to carbonation.
  • It is a Non-corrosive and Non-CMR product (non-carcinogenic,
  • Non-Mutagenic or Toxic for reproduction) in accordance with the European Directives.