These products are manufactured with lime (different types depending on the mortar), aggregates and mineral pigments. They do not contain any type of additive, cement or any other component that slows down the life process of the lime.

REVEX CAL is an ecological, innovative mortar made with limes that meet demanding quality standards. It can be applied both for rehabilitation and recovery works of old buildings due to its capacity to fortify with the passage of time, for sustainable constructions, eco-constructions and new works.

They are resistant, withstand any type of climate and are used to consolidate bricks or stones. The naturalness and composition of these products allow the breathability process of mortars or paints to be stopped at any time. They are porous, permeable to drying and to the breathability of buildings and allow steam and humidity to escape to the outside.


To intervene on walls with dampness, it is possible to rehabilitate with 3 products. It can be in a thin coat finish (REVEX CAL HIDRO + REVEX CAL BASE + REVEX CAL REVOQUE FINO/REVEX CAL REVOQUE DE SILICATO/SILICATE PAINT) or in a thick coat (REVEX CAL HIDRO + REVEX CAL BASE + REVEX CAL R300).

To intervene on dry surfaces, it can be rehabilitated with 2 products if the finish is thin layer (REVEX CAL BASE + REVEX CAL REVOQUE FINO/REVEX CAL REVOQUE DE SILICATO/ SILICATE PAINT). If it is a thick coat, it is rehabilitated with 1 product (REVEX CAL R300).