Hydraulic conglomerate obtained for the calcareous clayey cooking without addictions and constituted mostly by silicates and calcium aluminates and calcium hydroxide.


  • Rehabilitation and interior and exterior restoration of emblematic and old buildings. It can be perfectly used in new construction. Allows “extra fine” finishes and textures.


  • Its characteristics are result only of an adequate raw material composition. It does not contain addictions.
  • Hydraulic setting for a chemical reaction of its own component, and it brings excellent resistances in the short time.
  • Compatibility with the building methods and old materials from the chemical, structural and mechanical points of view.
  • Constancy of low humidity variable conditions volume.
  • Lower expansion, weak retraction and bigger flexibility under determined mechanical conditions that facilitate the adaptation to the support deformation without provoking cracking.
  • Lower water-tightness in front of chemical attacks (vibrations, wind, frost-thaw cycle) and chemical (rain, salts, acids, etc.).
  • Bigger durability/ it does not produce efflorescence due to the lime that contains that has been manufactured with high quality raw material without additions.
  • Bigger structural activity, for the cracks auto seal: the mortar absorbs water, dissolving the hydrated lime that penetrates in the gaps and cracks where it gets re-carbonated to seal them. This phenomenon is related with dissolution / re-precipitation of the calcite and depends on the lime pureness.
  • Capacity of keeping the aspect and firmness original bringing higher durability.
  • Excellent adherence to the support due to its fineness and the water retention that maintains during more time its basic pH (> 12).
  • Due to its pureness it offers an excellent permeability, allowing the gaseous changing between the interior and exterior of the building and letting the walls “breath”

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