Activa products

Meet the range of eco-active photocatalytic coatings with anti-pollution, self-cleaning and bactericidal properties that guarantee perfect adhesion to any type of surface indoors and outdoors. It eliminates toxic pollutants from the air, reduces the presence of microorganisms, eliminates dirt and odors, with a feeling of breathing fresh air. They are easy to apply, breathable and elastic.

It arises from a natural phenomenon called photocatalysis in which a substance, from the use of light and air energy, activates an oxidation process that eliminates polluting and harmful organic and inorganic compounds. Through these products we protect and improve the environment.

Photocatalytic surfaces prevent the growth of microorganisms and do not allow the substances on which they feed to accumulate. For this reason they are very effective against the aggressions of bacteria and fungi in general. On the outside of homes, they act as a cleaning shield to prevent the entry of dirty air into the interior.

The results of this action are supported by the numerous measurements taken on the walls of schools, hospitals and food factories, and by the results obtained in specialized laboratories.