Cementitious photocatalytic covering for all kind of roads and asphalt pavements.


  • Photo Sound activated roadways, highways, squares and streets use light energy to destroy air pollutants.
  • They reduce the air pollution load in cities.
  • They limit the dirt in runoff water.
  • They lower the surface temperature of asphalt, as they are gray in color.
  • Eliminate odors in the air.
  • They reduce the surface growth of fungi and bacteria.
  • It is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, and has excellent adhesion to asphalt substrates, giving streets, roads and highways the durability of cement, with the durability of concrete. The durability of cement, while maintaining the flexibility of asphalt.
  • Maintains and improves the sound-absorbing capacity of substrates.
  • Maintains the self-draining properties of roadways.
  • Its color is modifiable, which reduces the temperature of the asphalt and its emissions.


  • Use on roads and streets with high traffic density, squares, garages and open parking lots, tunnels, pedestrian lanes and walkways, cycle paths.