Green Line (pavement)

To improve the environmental impact of building materials and meet the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities of future generations to meet their own needs, Pavistamp is committed to the new generation ECO products formulated 100% recycled aggregates, to meet the challenges of climate change.

In Pavistamp we carry out this Eco line with the aim of guiding projects and build eco-compatible buildings with green products. They can be applied in new and existing constructions: shopping centers, schools, large surfaces, public and health sector infrastructures, etc.

Respect for the environment, energy costs, constant growth, awareness of climate change in action and global warming have led to an upward trend in the use of Green Line products worldwide.

Buildings have a high impact on the environment. Green Line technologies contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere with a high environmental impact and to the improvement of indoor air quality in buildings by preventing the proliferation of mold and bacteria.

Improving environmental performance is our priority today to meet the challenges of climate change.