STONE FEEL pavement®



Reconstructed concrete, cement, fibers, organic additives.


Do not apply:
• With ambient humidity >85%, with direct insolation and
extreme temperatures.
• In different thicknesses.
• Over fresh resistance concrete < 250 kg/cm 2 .
• Over wet floors subjected to continuous humidity rising
• Over mortars calcium sulfate and lime base.


  • The support in order to receive the concrete has to be solid and hard, dry, without dust, degrading zones, painting, oils …
  • The fresh concrete has to have a good flatness and as to be without water and slag raise… by capillarity…
  • Spilt of Stone Feel Industrial over fresh concrete with resistance: ≥ 250 kg/cm 2 .
  • Avoid the fresh concrete spilt with ponded water.
  • Avoid coating application with low temperatures,direct insolation, strong wind, humidity, rain or frost possibility.
  • Do not proceed the spilt over fresh concrete with excess of additives, fluid agents…
  • Dispose always from awnings if it is necessary in the event of rain or direct insolation.
  • Respect the expansion joints, work joints, through a cut or profile placement (maximum panels, 16-20 m 2 .)