Natural hydraulic lime (NHL), hydrate lime with calcium high content, silica and limy sand with great pureness and grain size compensated.


  • Ecologic and natural 100%.
  • Setting by chemical reaction of its components.
  • Excellent water tightness in front of the physical attacks (winds, frost-thaw…).
  • Does not produce harmful salts.
  • Properties fungicides and bactericidal.


  • Lime mortar for its placement and natural stone rejoint at new constructions or old rehabilitations in which it is needed a lime mortar 100% natural, without resins, cement or additives.
  • It is suitable with the construction methods and old and present materials from a chemical, structural and mechanical point of view.
  • Respectful with the environment and its wastes are totally recyclable and can be used again.
  • Indoors and outdoors.

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