Outdoors / indoors use coatings specially formulated to apply over performed supports with lime or cement mineral mortars and consisting in mineral painting based on stabilized potassium silicate dispersion, according to DIN 18 363, paragraph 2.4.1 and reinforced with EPH DRY TECHNOLOGY, that it is a water-repellent compound based on silica particles reacting among them, forming a tridimensional reticle without blocking the porous allowing thus the water steam diffusion and creating a water repellent effect dragging the accumulated dust on the façade provoking an auto cleaning effect.


  • Mineral matt surface with good adherence.
  • Anti-mold.
  • Breathable to water steam and very permeable to CO2.
  • Does not form skin.
  • Reacts in an insoluble way with the support, consolidating it totally through micro-silicateing.
  • Reduced tendency to dirtiness and high resistance to the passage of time.
  • Fireproof, antistatic, not thermoplastic.
  • High resistance to UV rays, to the industrial gases emissions and to the acid rain.
  • Waterproof to rainwater, even a few hours after its application.
  • Ecologic due to its properties and composition
  • Without solvent additions-
  • Applicable in all the mineral supports.


  • In order to improve the application and work speed in the silicate painting, the painting should be well stirred before using it, in a mechanical way and until its perfect homogenize.
  • In order to prepare the surface, apply a layer as diluted painting ground with IMPRIMACION SI yand water, with the following proportion: 1 part of PINTURA SI, 1 part water and 1 part of IMPRIMACION SI let it dry at least 12 hours.
  • Once this time is gone, apply an only hand of PINTURA SI without diluting or with maximum diluted to 5% with the primer as a finish layer.
  • Do not apply the product on temperature lower than 8ºC nor humidity superior to 80%.
  • Avoid painting over exposed surfaces a strong insolation.