Formulated mural painting based on lime graselo, earth colors, micronized calcium carbonated, organic bindings and vegetal additives. The organic bindings presence allows developing an excellent adhesion over all kind of fine mineral supports, even in the plaster in each of its forms: revoke thrown to plaster, plasterboard, prefabricated and chalky stucco, new or tinted.

The breathability of PINTURA DE CAL is optimal, regarding the crystalline product structure, makes it diffusive. Due to its alkalinity derived from the same coating nature, PINTURA DE CAL is particularly resistant to mold and fungi. With these particular qualities, PINTURA DE CAL joins aesthetic effects and chromatics of absolute reliefs, clear and dark tones are characteristics of the product.

Usage norms ans support preparation

New revokes

Let it dry during 4 – 6 weeks, in order to neutralize the
surface through its natural carbonation. Exactly the same, posterior application also has to be let mature.

New mural surfaces

Clean carefully, eliminating any dust remain, dirtiness or parts that are not properly adhered. Control that the wall is perfectly dry and ready to receive PINTURA DE CAL.

Painting surfaces or partially degrade

  • Eliminate any painting remain that is not adhered, as well as the possible efflorescence.
  • Clean carefully, the dust and dirtiness, control that the wall is perfectly dry.


  • PINTURA DE CAL is extended with brush in two crossed hands. Wait at least 6 – 8 hours between the two layers application.
  • The first hand is diluted with 40% with water, and the second is diluted to 20 – 30% with water.
  • The product allows the application over all kind of support without capillarity humidity.
  • Do not apply PINTURA DE CAL on very sunny surfaces, with temperatures lower than 5ºC or superiors to 40ºC in the first 24 horas after the application.
  • Protect the treated surface from the rain at least during 48 hours. Clean the tools with water immediately after its use.
  • For indoors and outdoors.