Estuco Graselo, is a ground paste ideal to perform trans lucid finishes as “cal rasata”; formulated to lime base, colorant earths, organic polymers, resistant alkalis and additives. The product presents an optimal adhesion above all fine support constituted of civil revokes of bastard mortar and or equivalent, bastard mortar revokes and fine troweled sand, prefabricates in cement conglomerates and compact, uniform and smooth surfaces, cardboard panels plaster, etc.

Due to its elevated alkalinity derived by the inorganic coating nature, Estuco Graselo is particularly resistant to mold and fungi. Moreover, its formulation, gives the product a high resistance to alkalis and atmospheric agents, as well as the easy applicability and adherence notable over all the surfaces.

Usage norms ans support preparation

New revokes

Let it dry during 4 – 6 weeks, in order to neutralize the
surface through its natural carbonation. Exactly the same, posterior application also has to be let mature.

New mural surfaces

Clean carefully, eliminating any dust remain, dirtiness
or parts that are not properly adhered. Control that
the wall is perfectly dry and apply, on the event of
nonabsorbent supports, apply 1 coat of Revoco Fino

Painting surfaces or partially degrade

  • Eliminate any painting remain that is not adhered, as well as possible efflorescence.
  • Clean carefully the dust and dirtiness. Control that the wall is perfectly dry and fix the surface lime base.


  • The product is ready to use. Estuco Graselo is extended in two or more hands inserting between them 24 hours, with stainless trowel, applying with a circular movement. In order to obtain a smooth and trans lucid finish, the second or third hand has to be compacted with the trowel corner over the still wet surface. It can be applied over any type of support without capillarity humidity.
  • Do not apply Estuco Graselo on very sunny surfaces, with temperatures lower than 5ºC or superior to 40ºC. In the first 24 hours from its application, protect from rain the treated surface during at least 48 hours.
  • Clean the tools with water immediately after its use.