Pavex Marine Paint



Coating in aqueous dispersion and with high solids content, for use in the living work of ships and submerged marine structures.


  • Relative humidity: <70%.
  • Forms a high purity metallic copper coating insoluble in water. Prevents marine scale growth.
  • Saves energy by preventing fouling.
  • Properly applied its life is more than 5 years.
  • Saves on maintenance, labor, dry docking, crane, etc.
  • Easy repainting in case of eventual retouching due to accidents, etc…
  • Easy cleaning of the application tools using water.
  • Environmentally friendly. No emissions of volatile solvents.


Comp. AComp. BComp. CMix
AspectoLiquidLiquidCopper powderPaint
Specific gravity3,5 gr./cm3
Mixing ratio in10,154,4985,26100
Mixing ratio in3 vol.1 vol.4 vol.8 vol.
Per life a 20° C±20 minutes
Dry to recoat±4 hours
Total dry±24 hours
Total polymerization≥7 days
Approximate consumption1 Kg/m2 passes

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