Leveling epoxy mortar for anchoring and filling under plates

Pavex 3C Mortar



Solvent-free 3-component epoxy grout mortar for screeds, leveling, filling and anchoring.

Execution conditions

  • On a completely dry and moisture-free surface, clean and free of greases and other materials.
  • Do not apply with relative humidity greater than 85% and ambient temperature below 5oC.
  • Maximum support humidity 4%.
  • Apply with good air renewal, 100% solvent-free solids.
  • On completely set cement (≥ 28 days).
  • On smooth, non-absorbent surfaces, open pore by mechanical means (abrasive blasting, fratasing, abrasive disc) accompanied by deep aspiration.
  • If necessary, to ensure perfect adhesion, previously apply a layer of Primer Pavex-2C primer with moisture support <4%.
  • Increases hardness and resistance against abrasion.

Preparation and mixing

  • Mix the components A + B with a whisk at low revolutions for at least 2 minutes until a uniform mixture is obtained, then add the component C and mix until a homogeneous mortar is achieved.
  • Mix life: ±15 minutes
  • Drying at and relative humidity 60%20oC
  • Drying to the touch: ≥60 min.
  • Total drying: 8-12 hours
  • Total polymerization: ≥7 days
  • Final appearance: Mortar