Redexy 3C



Including Redexy 3C in your work means having a decorative mortar for floors that is resistant, durable and with a firm but flexible texture for your commercial premises, warehouses and even in chemical industries such as the food industry. It is a a three-component water-based self-leveling floor screed that, due to the presence of non-oxidizable aggregates in its composition, once it is applied, allowed to dry and sanded, gives the sensation of a continuous metal on the surface. Choose this mortar to cover indoor floors without joints and with a wide range of colors available to customize: RAL, NCS and universal cards.


  • High wear resistance
  • For decoration
  • On surfaces subject to high traffic
  • In interiors


  • For decorative pavements with high wear rates.
  • For floors in warehouses and commercial premises subject to high traffic.
  • In interiors.

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