Fluid and colored mortar resistant to freeze-thaw with salt immersion.




Hydraulic binders, resins, mineral aggregates of different nature and selected granulometry.


  • Do not apply:
  • On exterior floors.
  • With ambient humidity >85%.
  • On wet soils subject to continuous humidity rises.
  • On degraded, fragile or unstable floors.
  • On underfloor heating in service (stop heating 24 hours before and start up at least 21 days after completion of the work, gradually following the start-up protocol).
  • On lime-based mortars (calcium sulphate).


  • Conventional self-leveling mortar of low density, normal setting and compensated retraction, for the preparation and leveling of floors, before the placement of a light pavement.
  • For new construction and rehabilitation.
  • For leveling and smoothing thickness differences between 3 – 60 mm.
  • In interiors