PAVICEM microcement



Special cement, selected arid, additives, resins and pigments.


• Do not incorporate water and no other additive to the
• Do not apply Pavicem with humidity capillary rising
• On absorbent or porous surfaces moisten before
applying the product.
• Treat the singular zones (fissures…) with glass fiber mesh.
• Do not apply over surfaces with humidity >4%.
• This product is not resistant to acids, aggressive
cleaners, bleaches …


• The existing support has to be resistant and its setting
completed. It has to contain no dust, paintings, oils…
• Base of Floor Recrecido, Pavistamp Floor, mortar,
concrete…has to has its setting completed (≥ 28 days)
and with humidity < 4 %.
• Once the surface is leveled and ready, apply micro
cement Pavicem at a rate of 0,5 mm each coat, until obtaining the desired thickness and effect.
• Between coats, sand, polish and vacuum the irregularities in order to obtain the desired texture.
• Over nonabsorbent surfaces, glass, porcelain, treated
wood… open the porous and apply 1-2 quick primer
coats F-300.
• Outdoors, do not apply with direct insolation, wind, rain risk or frost-thaw possibility.
• With low temperatures, avoid the mortar application in the following hours as it increases the efflorescence by carbonation appearance risk

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