MASILLA multiusos



Putty formulated based on acrylic copolymers and medium grain size and medium granulometry aggregates.


  • No sagging
    Fast drying
    Excellent adhesion
    Controlled shrinkage
    High resistance
    No cracking


• Special coating for protection of waterproof
membrane, USEAL 800 / PAVIMPER, against fire,
summited to high temperatures.
• Special coating for mounting and anchorage of
refractory brick, massif or empty, terracotta that
are submitted to high temperatures: barbecues,
firewood ovens, chimneys…
• For mounting or rejoint of brickworks Works in
contact with aggressive or acid waters, alimentary
industry, drains pipelines, sanitations and industrial
• Manual application or mechanical application.
• Indoors and outdoors.