MASILLA estándar



Filler compound with selected products from the quarry, resin and specific additive


  • Thin impeccable aspect.
  • Excellent adherence.
  • Easy to sand.
  • Great smooth capacity.
  • Over absorbent grounds.
  • Without fissures.


  • Indoors filler for polyvalent use adequate also to refill as to smooth cracks, cavities, breaches, etc.
  • For renovation and/or wall sanitize, supports leveling and smooth walls with damages (gratings, cracks, hits, peelings, holes, etc.).
  • Specially indicated to regularize popcorn finish walls.
  • Allows the thin layer smooth, leaving a smooth and white finish, in a way that it can be left as a finished layer before painting
  • Posterior sanding facility leaving a totally thin and homogenous aspect.
  • Indoors.

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