Paviglass Barrier Coat



Fast setting crystalline waterproofing mortar


Paviglass barrier coat, is a mortar fast setting waterproofing, especially designed to make plasters and/or membranes waterproof, as well as repairer
of cracks, holes and joints in the concrete.

Contains a Hydrophilic-Catalytic technology based on Geopolymers and reacting active ingredients chemically with concrete forming millions of insoluble crystals, which fill pores, capillaries and seal the cracks of the
concrete, blocking the passage of the water.

It is mixed with water and a plastic mortar is obtained that immediately stops leaks or leaks of water flowing through the pores and cracks in concrete or masonry, creating a watertight and completely waterproof seal, which continues to harden until it reaches very high resistances.

Itis the first product or basic product to be applied in the repair system of existing concrete structures (Paviglass Dry System), which present water leaks, as well as for the sealing of construction joints, or for the repair of cracks with filtration, defective construction joints and others defects.


  • Especially suitable for stopping water leaks superficial, as it seals them immediately.
  • Applicable on wet surfaces that present “sweating”
  • Waterproofs both positive and negative pressure.
  • Suitable for concrete constructions and masonry.
  • Protects armor against corrosion
  • Compressive strength higher than that of one’s ownconcrete.
  • Withstands wear or surface abrasion.
  • Permeable to water vapor
  • Suitable for use in contact with drinking water.

The active geo-polymers are dispersed in the substrate through moisture and through a process called molecular diffusion, reacting with the existing moisture and the components of the hardened cement to cause a catalytic reaction.

This reaction generates an insoluble formation of crystallization through the pores and capillaries of the concrete, as well as cracks, permanently sealing concrete and preventing the penetration of water and other liquids from any direction, even in conditions high hydrostatic pressure.

Is an active part of the support on which it has been applied, as it acts continuously and for life in the presence of water or humidity.