CEMCOL flex porcelain tile C2TE-S1®



Cement, siliceous and limy arid, organic and inorganic additives


  • Direct insolation and wind cause a lower mortar
    opening time and implies a lower adherence.
  • Do not apply with rain risk outdoors, or with a 3%
    superior humidity indoors.
  • On outdoors floors the support has to have a minimum 1% inclination for the water evacuation.
  • In heating floors, it has to be turned off 48 hours before.
  • Over plasterboard, verify the partition rigidity.
  • Do not apply the flagstone, stone, marble… in a
    “touches” way.


  • White or grey flexible porcelain glue mortar with thin layer for the facades coating and pavements with heavy traffic, with ceramic, marble, natural stone… with or without absorption and with small
    or big format.
  • Outdoors and indoors.
  • Heating floors.