CEMCOL porcelain tile C1TE®



Cement, siliceous and limy arid, organic and inorganic additives


• Direct insolation and wind cause a lower mortar
opening time and imply a lower adherence.
• Do not apply with rain risk outdoors, or with a 3%
superior humidity indoors.
• On outdoors floors, the support has to have a minimum 1% inclination for the water evacuation.
• Over plasterboard, verify the partition rigidity.
• Do not apply the flagstone, stone, marble… in a
“touches” way.


• For ceramic flagstones placement, with or without
absorption, small and great format, especially for
porcelain stoneware placement indoors.
• On outdoors and indoors pavements.
• On indoor coatings.
• Fit for immersion.
• Fit for swimming pools.