PAVICOLOR wide joint (3 to 15 mm)



Cement, selected arid, synthetic resins, organic and inorganic additive and mineral pigments.


  • Controlled retraction and fungicide action.
  • For less than 3 mm. joints use Pavicolor junta fina.
  • On deformable supports, use Pavicolor Plus.
  • On facades use Pavicolor Flex.


  • Colored mortar for joint refill between flagstones
    from 3 to 15 mm, in any kind of ceramic pavement,
    ceramic coating or Revistamp E.
  • Mortar form application in paste shape.
  • Indoor and outdoor.
  • Radiant heating floors.
  • In joints superiors to 15mm, the paste has to be
    more consistent.
  • Rejoint of all kind of ceramic tiles.