Beach Feel

What is Beach Feel?

A new pool concept through the Beach Feel system, the only one with certification in the market. on the market. Access to a natural design and an innovative structure of sand pools made with pigmented quartz, completely customized with pigmented quartz, completely customized with an exceptional aesthetic result, sustainable over time and soft to the touch. It is a system that adapts to any type of support. support.

We provide you with all the materials you need to apply this system: waterproofing, vapor barriers for areas with capillary rise, resins, aggregates and, if required, even the tools. even the tools if you need them. We have a wide catalog with irregular or regular shapes, of greater or lesser depth, with progressive descent simulating the effect of entering the sea, among others. The result is a non-slip surface with high resistance to wear and tear and UV rays. UV rays and suitable for children and pets.

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