Drainage pavements


This system is composed of exterior drainage paving that is applied in transit areas. It can be used as draining paving for gardens, residential areas, tree wells, as it is very beneficial in those spaces that are very exposed to inclement weather. Consult and buy drainage products to install these types of porous flooring from Pavistamp.

They are ecological draining pavements that are manufactured with different substances such as resins, cements, aggregates and elastomers, and prevent the formation of puddles, promote the evacuation of water and prevent surfaces from slipping due to irrigation or weather conditions such as rain or humidity.

The main distinction of this draining paving is its balance between functionality and providing aesthetic and decorative results. Use it as a draining floor for swimming pools and define the colour you will use from the selection of aggregates in the resin system or in the pigmentations if it is the cementitious system. You have multiple alternatives. Install this type of anti-slip paving as a bicycle lane paving or as a drainage floor in moderate traffic areas, decks or alcoves.

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