TERRAZZO pavement



Cement, marble arid aggregates, glass, granite, fibers, organic additives and minerals.


Do not apply:
• On outdoor floors
• Over supports with humidity >4%.
• With ambient humidity >85%
• Over wet floors subjected to continuous humidity rising.
• On degrading, fragile or unstable floors.
• Over heating floor on service, stop the heating 24 hours
before and turn it on after at least 21 days once the
works, following gradually the startup protocol.
• Over mortars calcium sulfate and lime base.

Execution Conditions

• The support has to be solid and hard, dry, without dust,
degrading zones, painting, oils…
• Do not apply over fissured concretes, degrading or with
movement possibilities.
• Over weak cement bases and without guarantees,
milluntil the arid appearance, vacuum and reinforce
with Paviplast Epoxi (to water) or Silicato hardener.
• Always, over new concrete (setting > 28 days) or old
and compression > 25 N/mm 2 , mill the superficial layer
until the arid appearance.
• In all substrates, with or without absorption (concrete,
mortar, ceramics, marble…), milling, aspirating and
applying the Pavex Primer System.
• Respect the expansion joints, work joints, through a cut
or profile placement (maximum panels, 16-20 m 2 ).
• Avoid direct insolation, air streams, during the
application and 72 hours after.