CEMCOL fluid C2F-S1®



Cement, siliceous and limy arid, organic and inorganic additives and resins.


  • Wind causes a lower mortar opening time and implies a lower adherence. Do not apply with stuck water or with rain risk outdoors, or with a 3% superior humidity indoors.
  • On outdoors floors, the support has to have a minimum 1% inclination for the water evacuation.
  • In heating floors, it has to be turned off 48 hours before.


  • Fluid glue mortar with quick setting, for small and
    great format, absorbent and nonabsorbent ceramic
    flagstones, marble, granite placement with a simple
  • Outdoors and indoors pavements.
  • Special for heavy traffic and great surfaces
  • Fit for heating floors.

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