Buy Redexy 3C, a decorative mortar that achieves the strength of an industrial mortar. It is a three-component water-based interior floor covering mortar with non-rusting aggregates that can give your floor the feel of a single piece of metal.

Once it is applied and dry, it is then sanded to reveal all the beauty it has inside. The place of application par excellence is indoors. It is not recommended for use as an acrylic mortar on facades or as a mortar to show off exterior walls.

In addition to aesthetic results, this self-levelling mortar regulates potholes and cracks in concrete floors and can be applied on surfaces subject to high traffic such as warehouses and commercial premises due to its extreme hardness. It also performs well in chemical industries such as foodstuffs.

This self-levelling floor screed has no joints and is a clean material. If you are wondering when to walk on a mortar with these characteristics or when to use a self-leveller to get the best results, download the technical data sheet. This Redexy 3C epoxy resin floor screed system has a total drying time of 8-12h and high performance.

At Pavistamp, you can choose from a wide range of universal colours, RAL and NCS colours to apply to your floor with mortar. Resistance, durability and strong and flexible texture are some of the properties of this decorative self-levelling mortar.

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