The purpose of self-leveling mortars and resins is to regularize, level, and decorate or in poor condition or new works to be able to apply another coating such as microtoppings, epoxies or polyurethanes. coating such as microtoppings, epoxies or polyurethanes. There are products suitable for interior interior, exterior with light, moderate or industrial traffic. They can be decorative to with customizable finishes.

There are salt-resistant proposals. Each coating has specific modes of application They are very easy to apply and in some cases are antimicrobial and antifungal. They provide chemical resistance and hardness against abrasion.

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Three-component mortar – Vapor barrier (A+B+C)

Pavex Primer Plus

100% solids epoxy primer

Ecopoxcem Plus 3C

100% solids epoxy paint finish

Pavifluid 200

Conventional self-leveling mortar self-leveling 3-60 mm thickness

Pavistamp Floor

Colored self-leveling mortar resistant to self-leveling salts, thickness 3-15 mm.

Pavistamp Floor Design

Oxides high decoration self-leveling mortar

Pavex Water

Pigmented water-based epoxy paint

Orfapol 50

Water-based polyurethane resin

Poliuretano alifático

High chemical resistance

Pavex 2C

100% solids self-leveling epoxy resin.

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