Stone Feel


Stone Feel is a mortar for fluid paving from the Green Line Eco family. The idea is to achieve a floor with recycled glass, specifically made with continuous paving with hi-tech concretes made of 100% recycled aggregates.

The Green Eco Line incorporates this decorative continuous flooring that takes five main principles of environmental relevance:

  • The restoration and recycling of natural minerals.
  • The reduction of C02 emissions to the outside world.
  • Reduced use of chemicals harmful to health and the environment.
  • Indoor air quality. Recycling materials to extend their useful life.

One of the main attributes of this continuous indoor flooring is its wide acceptance in lightly loaded floors as a flooring for offices, for shops or for changing the floor of a house. It can also be applied to all types of buildings: ecological flooring materials for new and existing buildings, commercial centres and environments, large surfaces, schools, public infrastructures, health sector.

Pavistamp offers a wide range of colours of this ecological flooring that achieves a synthesis between resistance, durability, style and price. It achieves aesthetic and decorative results, making a great contribution to the environment.

This type of sustainable flooring and the technology of the Pavistamp Compañía Eco line contribute to creating pleasant, healthier environments in which to live and work, while actively participating in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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