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Beach Feel System, a pool that stands out in hotels and homes

The proposal to build a pool with a different and innovative style brings a qualitative leap to the space in which it is built. In Pavistamp we propose the Beach Beel system to experience the feeling of being on the beach from the comfort of your place and we show you the case of Leana.

Being the only sand pool system that is certified in the market, choosing it and being able to show it off in a certain place provides a level of quality and distinction rarely achieved through other options. At the same time, the possibility to completely customize it in colors and shapes according to the client’s needs, generates the ideal synthesis.

Swimming pools to experience the feeling of being at the beach

We manufacture all the materials that are used to line a swimming pool and generate a natural climate that will surprise you. It is possible to develop a new aesthetic and change the system in an existing pool to coat it with a material made of compact sand combined with polyurethane resin. In this sense, natural quartz offers very positive results and, depending on the shade, variations in the color of the water can be perceived.

Its anti-slip properties and the fact that it is a material suitable for both inside and outside the swimming pool, gives a feeling of tranquility when using it. In fact, maximum walking comfort is experienced because it contains abrasive materials. There is no impediment for children and even pets to enter as all audiences are welcome when it comes to Beach Feel.

In addition, its flexibility and the fact that it is easily deformable when you start to apply it creates an optimal material to be handled. The result is a pool with ample resistance to wear and tear, which ensures a high quality product with a sustainable duration over time.

The Balneario de Leana and the results in its sand pool

We want to show a case of success of our system. The task requested by the client was clear: it was necessary to change the existing main pool system in the Leana Spa for Beach Feel. At the same time, the client requested the extension of the available surface to generate a real and striking transformation in the place, which would make the space stand out and rehabilitate it.

The trust placed in our products along with the responsibility that this entailed for the renovation of the thermal pools was a challenge that Pavistamp was able to successfully meet. The results and the photos speak for themselves. Anyway, we suggest to experience in first person the rest with a stay in Leana that can achieve a feeling of total physical and mental relaxation with beneficial effects for the body difficult to forget.

If you would like more information about the Beach Feel system or about other Pavistamp products, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you about the best way to prepare them, which one suits you best according to your needs and the correct way to apply them.

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