Stone Feel: Customizing Your Flooring

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Industrial Projects

In the realm of industrial construction and rehabilitation, discovering flooring solutions that blend durability, functionality, and aesthetics is of paramount importance. It is with pleasure that we introduce “Stone Feel,” a product with a well-established track record in the realm of continuous flooring. Not only does it meet these expectations, but it also offers the possibility of complete personalization. In this article, we will explore how Stone Feel stands out as a unique and personalized option for all types of industrial projects.

The Resilience of Stone Feel Industrial Flooring

Stone Feel is composed of a carefully selected blend of hi-tech concrete, consisting of 100% recycled aggregates, cement, fibers, and organic additives. This special formula imparts strength and durability, rendering it an ideal polished or textured continuous flooring for various industrial applications. With a thickness ranging from 12 to 14 mm, it can be applied onto fresh concrete or existing flooring after proper substrate preparation, enabling swift commissioning.

Total Customization: A Distinctive Industrial Touch

What truly sets Stone Feel apart from other similar products is its complete customization capability. Each project can be unique as you can choose the base color and aggregates, and with Stone Feel, this becomes a reality. The array of available colors offers a versatile palette, ensuring the flooring seamlessly complements the overall aesthetics of the industrial space. The flooring technique allows for the choice of a polished finish, providing an elegant sheen and a more modern look, or alternatively, a textured finish, offering a more rustic and inviting texture. Regardless of the choice, the outcome will be a unique flooring unlike any other.

Exclusivity and Distinction in Every Project

Due to the product’s composition and the selection of raw materials for its production, Stone Feel becomes a truly unique and exclusive material, rendering it even more special. Being a custom-made product, each project reflects the client’s vision and personality. This makes it the perfect choice for those seeking an exclusive and distinctive touch in their spaces.

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