The New Mondrian Hotel in Cala Llonga, Ibiza: An Oasis of Mediterranean Design

The Mondrian Hotel, part of the exclusive Mondrian hotel chain and owned by Ennismore, is set to open its doors in a paradisiacal setting in the Cala Llonga Bay, Ibiza, in the month of August. This luxury oasis, offering guests an unparalleled experience, has been designed by the prestigious Madrid-based interior design studio, Cuarto Interior, in collaboration with Pavistamp for flooring expertise and Microin for expert installation. This article will delve into the details of this exciting project.

Success Story: Mondrian Ibiza, The Desired Destination

The Mondrian hotel chain, known for its presence in the most thrilling cities worldwide, from Los Angeles to Singapore, has found the ideal setting for its current location on the vibrant island of Ibiza. Mondrian Ibiza, situated in the picturesque Cala Llonga Bay, provides a unique perspective of this Mediterranean island. With panoramic views of a stunning natural environment, Mondrian Ibiza promises to be a luxury haven with its own personality.

Respect for the Natural Environment: Cuarto Interior’s Touch

Cuarto Interior, the Madrid-based interior design studio with a solid track record, was chosen to bring the design of Mondrian Ibiza to life. Their proposal captures the distinctive essence of Mondrian with a natural sensitivity that permeates all hotel spaces. However, one of the project’s highlights is Cuarto Interior’s deep respect for Ibiza’s natural environment. The color palette and materials used draw inspiration from the island’s beauty, from white sandy beaches to the intense blue of the Mediterranean. Cuarto Interior has embraced architecture, craftsmanship, and the work of local artists to seamlessly integrate the design into its surroundings.

Microin’s Skill: Trusted Installer

A project of Mondrian Ibiza’s magnitude requires not only top-quality materials but also experts to execute it. In this regard, Microin, as a trusted installer, has played an essential role in ensuring Pavistamp products are used efficiently and conform to the design specifications. Their expertise and precision have been vital in ensuring Pavistamp products seamlessly integrate into Cuarto Interior’s vision.

Pavistamp’s Invaluable Contribution

The creation of this exclusive luxury oasis has been made possible through an unprecedented collaboration between Cuarto Interior, Pavistamp, and Microin. Pavistamp materials have played a fundamental role in Mondrian Ibiza’s creation, adding beauty and functionality to every corner of the hotel.

Decopox: Elegance and Durability at the Core of the Hotel

Key spaces in creating Mondrian Ibiza’s atmosphere of luxury and sophistication are the hotel lobby and various common areas. For these crucial spaces, Pavistamp’s Decopox has emerged as the ideal choice. This coating combines aesthetic elegance with exceptional durability. Its refined finish and resistance to wear ensure the interior design’s beauty endures for years.

Stone Feel Concrete: The Brilliant Café Bar

The café bar overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is a central element of the hotel. In this project, Pavistamp’s Stone Feel Concrete has been chosen to create a surface that not only visually dazzles but also ensures resilience and durability. The rustic and authentic appearance of Stone Feel Concrete adds warmth and character to this space, and its versatility extends to the café columns and lounge area, creating coherence in the interior design.

Pavicem: Enhancing Artworks

The rooms and their respective bathrooms and grooming areas are authentic works of art, a fundamental part of Mondrian Ibiza’s allure. In this context, Pavistamp’s Pavicem has played a crucial role in creating these restful and relaxing areas. Pavicem’s ability to highlight details and its resistance to the passage of time make it the perfect choice for a space housing quality fixtures. Pavicem is not only a functional material but also an aesthetic element that enhances the appreciation of the environment’s aesthetics.

Pavistamp Impreso: Distinction in Exterior Parking

The exterior street parking area at Mondrian Ibiza has become an example of distinction thanks to Pavistamp Impreso from Pavistamp. The versatility of this product has allowed the creation of a customized design reflecting the hotel’s elegance and exclusivity. The patterns and colors available in Pavistamp Impreso offer a wide variety of design options, making it the perfect choice for a project that aims to stand out even in the most practical details.

The Mondrian Hotel in Cala Llonga, Ibiza, is a masterpiece of Mediterranean design and elegance. Pavistamp, with exceptional materials like Decopox, Stone Feel Concrete, Pavicem, and Pavistamp Impreso, has played a crucial role in realizing this project.

The choice of high-quality materials and Pavistamp’s contribution has been key in creating an authentic and unique luxury space.

“Mondrian Ibiza promises to be a coveted destination for those seeking an exceptional experience in one of the most beautiful places in Ibiza,” affirm all the participants in this brilliant masterpiece of design and architecture.

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