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Do you know the continuous Stone Feel Pavement?

More and more professionals are finding continuous paving to be a functional, aesthetic and economical option for their buildings.

More and more professionals are finding in continuous flooring a functional, aesthetic and economical option for their buildings. This formula for solving the problem of the floor of a building is presented in many different ways, either by its manufacturing material, by the way it is applied or by the context in which it will be used. With Stone Feel continuous paving we add another feature to this equation: its special contribution to the environment.

A premium material with international recognition

Stone Feel is one of Pavistamp’s most popular continuous paving alternatives. A high strength product with an elegant polished finish that since its release has had a great acceptance both in public works and in the private sector. Why the qualification of premium material? Fundamentally because it is economical, easy to apply, guarantees excellent resistance with a thickness starting at 14 mm and offers a very attractive range of colors. On the other hand, it is a versatile product that is easy to work with and can be walked on just 8 hours after application. Its record setting and drying times make it possible for the pavement to reach its optimum point in just a few hours, speeding up the construction times that are of so much concern to those responsible for the works. If to this we add that, from the fourth day, the pavement is ready for dry polishing and a perfect finish, there is no doubt that Stone Feel is one of the best allies of modern construction.

Your particular needs and general welfare are compatible

One of the main challenges facing today’s construction projects is knowing how to respond to the needs of users while optimizing the use of resources and ensuring respect for the environment. Stone Feel continuous pavement belongs to Pavistam’s Green Line Eco product line. A very specific section within the production of this company that focuses on building materials committed to sustainable architecture. The environmental impact of the use of chemicals is significantly reduced with this ecological manufacturing alternative. Not surprisingly, this is a product made from recycled aggregates: fibers, reconstructed concrete, cement and organic additives. The result? A 100% Hi-Tech concrete of high resistance, with spectacular finishes and respectful of the environment.

What are the applications of Stone Feel continuous paving?

Versatility, originality and style. Whenever you want to achieve spectacular results in the interior flooring of your projects, think of Stone Feel. Nobody doubts anymore that continuous flooring is an alternative with a potential that goes beyond industrial flooring. But only with Stone Feel will you know the true scope of these alternatives applied to sustainable constructions.

  • It can be applied in all types of indoor floors that will support a light or moderate weight load (stores, offices, homes…).
  • It is perfect for pavements that require a high level of flatness.
  • From the aesthetic and budget point of view, it is an optimal option for the execution of floors for large surfaces (hotels, supermarkets, warehouses…), both in private and public works.
  • Aggregate-based flowable concrete offers the same level of quality in both new construction projects and rehabilitation of existing pavements.

The great advantages of using Stone Feel in your projects

There are many reasons why Stone Feel continuous flooring can be the optimal answer to the needs of your project. From the point of view of health, the use of this material significantly reduces the appearance of bacteria, mold and fungi, introducing a significant improvement in the quality of life of those who live or work in the building you are constructing. You will also be contributing to the creation of a sustainable space, giving a second chance to materials that have already been used and using recycling to prolong their useful life. Together with the use of natural mineral substances and the reduction of chemicals, you will be contributing to limiting CO2 emissions, responsible waste treatment and less polluted air. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that the economic aspect also plays an important role when choosing the most suitable material for the paving of a building. Stone Feel has managed to find the right balance between resistance, durability, style and price. The acquisition of a product with all these characteristics is an investment that is assumed with great satisfaction. Betting on this type of material is betting on efficiency taken to the extreme, with guarantees of lasting success that are hard to beat. Are you a professional aware of climate change? Now you have the opportunity to do your bit for this cause. Introduce Stone Feel’s recycled continuous pavements in your projects and contribute to the construction of a sustainable world. Efficiency, design and environmental commitment are three perfectly compatible aspects when you invest in the right manufacturing materials.

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