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Do you want to apply Stone Feel? Access our training for professionals


Do you know the advantages of Stone Feel continuous paving? Once you discover the great benefits of this product, you only need to take the final step: learn the secrets of its application. In Pavistamp we offer you the theoretical and practical training you need to get the most out of this product. A great opportunity to expand your knowledge in the sector and offer your customers a much more complete service.

Contents of great interest to construction professionals.

No matter how much we tell you about the advantages of our product range, the quality and superiority of our products can only be proven in one way: in practice. That’s why we’ve decided to go beyond words. We encourage you to learn about the full potential of Stone Feel continuous paving in our training courses for professionals. Those who work in any of the areas of the construction sector (masons, developers, distributors, architects …) know the importance of knowing in detail the characteristics of the materials with which they work. In this sense, in Pavistamp we are not only determined that you know a range of versatile and quality products, but also that you learn to use them as an advantageous solution in your construction projects.

Training that will open up new professional perspectives

Expand your knowledge in the field of continuous flooring and surprise your customers with a simple, functional, economical and ecological manufacturing alternative. Stone Feel is a product made from recycled materials and organic additives. This allows you to give a second chance to construction materials that are usually discarded, promoting a culture of recycling and sustainable architecture that effectively reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. As a builder, architect, designer or distributor of materials, you are interested in expanding your knowledge in the field of ecological alternatives. Not surprisingly, these have been gradually gaining their place in the sector and there is no doubt that their development and expansion will end up defining the lines of modern construction. Broaden your professional prospects with theoretical and practical training courses that will open many doors in the sector. This is a learning proposal that is not only oriented to discover the advantages of the product. The main objective of this initiative is that you learn how to integrate these solutions in your projects in the most effective way. With this knowledge, a wide range of solutions opens up every time you are faced with the need to find efficient alternatives for the construction or rehabilitation of the pavement.

Contents of the Pavistamp course on the application of Stone Feel continuous flooring

No one better to explain the keys to using Stone Feel than those who know the product best. Our team of professionals will guide you through a comprehensive training program that covers all the fundamental aspects in the application of this continuous paving and in obtaining the best results. During the course, the attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the particularities of Stone Feel:

  • Characteristics of its use: mixing, setting, waiting times, etc.
  • Conditions of its execution: type of pavement, reinforcement and hardening, absorption, milling and vacuuming, light and temperature conditions…
  • Instructions for use: granulometry and mixing, leveling tools, dry polishing technique…
  • Applications in current constructions: public and private works, new constructions or rehabilitation of pavements, floors requiring high planimetry, interior floors…

Once you have completed all the points of the program, you will receive your diploma of conformity stamped by Pavistamp. In it we certify your attendance to the training course in the use and application of Stone Feel, as well as the acquisition of the necessary knowledge for its integration into your future construction projects.

Where can you take Pavistamp’s training courses for professionals?

You have all the facilities to receive free training in the use of Stone Feel and many other products of our brand. You don’t have to worry about anything. Once you become part of our free training program, in Pavistamp we provide you with everything you need for the development of the course: materials, tools, work clothes and, of course, the technical advice of a team of professionals with long experience in the sector. Pavistamp courses are taught both at the company’s headquarters in Castellón and in the numerous distribution points of the brand that are spread throughout the national and international territory. In this way we ensure that all professionals in the field of construction are guaranteed access to greater knowledge of the brand and its products. Take advantage of the facilities we offer in Pavistamp and become an expert in continuous pavements. With the training courses on the application of Stone Feel you will obtain much more attractive final results, improve the quality of your projects and offer your customers a superior quality service.

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