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Everything you need to know for your heavy-duty continuous paving jobsite

Did you know that with Pavistamp’s extensive range of products you have at hand all the necessary elements to lay smooth continuous pavement inside or outside a house?

This excellent alternative for the floor of the home, office, warehouse or even the terrace is very practical both for its attractive aesthetics and its resistance to wear and tear. More and more customers are demanding this type of solution and more and more professionals in the sector are recommending it. The easy application of the materials and their extraordinary results are more than enough reason for you to be aware of how these works are carried out.

Fabrication of a smooth continuous pavement with Decopox

In this post we will explain step by step how you can prepare a continuous smooth pavement between 2 and 3 mm thick. Due to its incredible resistance to wear, Decopox is an ideal decorative mortar solution for both indoor and outdoor use, provided you apply the necessary measures. Knowing the key details of the preparation and use of these materials will allow you to extend your professional services to this growing flooring alternative.


Pavistamp materials for the manufacture of continuous pavements can be applied on concrete, ceramic or terrazzo surfaces. First of all, you will want to ensure that the work you do contemplates all the necessary measures to become a solution “for life” or, at least, as durable as possible.

The first step will therefore be to ensure that you are working on a good base. The preparation of the substrate is fundamental. If you are working with new concrete substrates, you must ensure that they are fully cured, so it is not recommended to work on them unless more than 28 days have elapsed. Apart from being completely dry, it is important to ensure that they have been leveled, are solid and free of oils, powders, detergents or any other substance.

Non-absorbent bases such as ceramic or marble should be devastated, sanded and vacuumed and, in the event that they do not present the guarantees of optimum stability for excellent results, you will have to additionally use a reinforcement with fiberglass mesh.

Ecopox Cem Plus 3C is then applied as a vapor barrier in case the surface has any type of rising damp.


Once the stability and uniformity of the work surface have been ensured, it is time to apply Decopox, a two-component mortar. To have your Decopox ready, you must mix the two components until you obtain a homogeneous result. It is recommended that you carry out this process with rods running at low revolutions and for approximately one minute, to ensure that you get a perfect mixture.

Once the mixture is ready, apply two coats of Decopox on the surface to be treated, at a rate of 500 g/m2. The mixture is easily spread with the use of a steel or rubber trowel and remains moist and malleable for long enough for you to work with it without any complications.

Having previously prepared the surface, these two coats of Decopox will adhere perfectly to the concrete, ceramic, tile or resin base.


The water-based polyurethane glaze will provide greater resistance and durability to the layers of your new coating, as well as a more attractive visual effect. However, the final touch for a perfect finish will be given by the application of Orfapol 50. A homogeneous seal, also made of water-based polyurethane.

Good results are our hallmark. In Pavistamp we are not only interested in manufacturing high quality materials but also in providing you with the necessary knowledge to take advantage of their full potential in each of your works. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the manufacture of high strength continuous pavements with Decopox or any of the products in our catalog of materials.

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