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Possible finishes with Pavistamp materials

The choice of a type of flooring is not only something that affects the aesthetics of the space but also its functionality.

Taking into account the intended use of the floor or surface on which you want to work will be decisive when choosing the material that best suits the purpose. In Pavistamp we have an extensive catalog of alternatives, each oriented to a specific use and with particular characteristics to ensure the best results in each of these scenarios. In addition, our materials are all tested and comply with the necessary regulations for their application and use.

Flooring and coating solutions applied on real construction sites


Decopox is one of the most demanded continuous flooring systems in our catalog. The secret of its success lies in its versatility and high resistance to wear. By making the right combinations with other types of materials and glazes, Decopox can be used as a continuous paving solution both outdoors, such as the decorative environment of a swimming pool, and in the manufacture of benches or countertops, especially if they are going to be highly exposed to changes in temperature or humidity. Since it can be applied both horizontally and vertically and has a texture that is easy to apply and manipulate, with Decopox you will have options for finishes as attractive as these.


Natural-looking pools have become fashionable and with them have come materials that help you create these realistic paradisiacal environments. At the forefront of all these finishes is the Beach Feel sand beach system. It is a smooth continuous pavement, about 5 mm thick for this system, which can be used both on the deteriorated materials of a pool and in new construction. In a quick and simple way you can solve the problem of wear of the printed pavement, one of the aspects that most disfigure any traditional pool and its environment. Beach Feel is a mixture of resins and quartz very easy to apply that hardly requires any work and that gives you a very attractive space with the feeling that you are in a real beach. In addition, our system can go horizontally, vertically or with inclination; not being a problem the overhang.


Stone Feel falls into the category of premium materials in our catalog. Why? Because it combines the great performance of high-strength continuous paving with a clear vocation for environmental balance. It belongs to the Green Line line of ecological products and is increasingly being used in public works as an economical, functional and ecofriendly alternative. This reconstructed concrete can be worked very comfortably and offers incredible results in terms of resistance from 10 mm thick. Not surprisingly, it is a material that is widely used in places with high traffic, such as, for example, these changing rooms. In just 8 hours after application, the material has set and can be walked on.


The surfacing of commercial premises requires high-strength materials that can withstand high weight and traffic loads throughout the day. The continuous surfaces manufactured with our cement mixtures and special aggregates are great in this type of situation because they solve very well the issue of a very extensive and very demanding pavement. As you can see in the work of this establishment, the aesthetic issue is not a problem because with Pavicem Microcemento can get really showy finishes. In this case the customer has opted for the polished, but perfectly this pavement could be presented in other colors and rough appearance, as a painting, marbled, etc..


Have you noticed the special texture used in the pavement of playgrounds? A space of these characteristics, where children are the main users, requires extreme safety conditions with a type of flooring that adapts perfectly to the activities of the little ones. With the application of flexible flooring based on rubber chippings, you obtain a much softer texture to cushion children’s falls while they play in kindergartens, playgrounds, neighborhood communities, etc. The system is made on an initial base of SBR rubber on which EPDM rubber is subsequently applied, in charge of giving resistance to the whole as well as the color finish that the client demands.


Are you looking for a sensational decorative effect that will leave your customers open-mouthed? You have the solution in this thixotropic mortar for continuous cladding, ideal for your most creative works. See how simply a conventional brick wall can be transformed into an attractive stone wall. Pavistamp is a material easy to handle, applicable in interiors and exteriors and with great potential as a decorative solution. With a little imagination you can theme virtually any surface to give the appearance of a wall, rock or stone ashlar or create printed pavements with such original motifs as this wind rose.


In certain circumstances, the perfect finish of the work requires a layer of enamel color that provides greater luminosity and visibility to the results. This is what happens, for example, in the parking areas of commercial surfaces or in sports fields such as the one in this project. Pavex Water is a water-based epoxy resin material that can give a colored and glossy finish to the works that require it with the certainty that the coloring will remain intact for a long time.


Among the great advantages of this colored mortar for industrial paving is its ease of application. Padec Industrial is used directly on fresh concrete, sprinkling it manually or mechanically and offering results as aesthetic as those seen on the exteriors of this house. But that is not all. It is a material commonly used in parking lots, commercial areas and industrial buildings precisely because of its high strength and durability. A work like this is guaranteed to be a success, especially if you also take advantage of the possibilities offered by this material when it comes to including polished, troweled or scratched finishes.

Knowing the details about the future use of the pavement is the first step towards success. The options we offer in Pavistamp try to adapt to the most demanding requirements of the market, but no material fits 100% to all the requirements demanded by the customer. For this reason it is so important that you have as much information as possible to help you establish a list of priorities in relation to the qualities required in each work so that we can help you choose the perfect finish for each of your projects.

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