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Revex Lime: the best solution in ecological 100% lime mortars

At Pavistamp we have decided to go back to the origins. Back to that type of natural products, which for many decades have starred in the construction sector in its most traditional facet: lime mortars.

Revex Lime is an innovative line of ecological mortars made of 100% lime, without any additives, cements or anything that disturbs the process so that the lime has its carbonation process until it becomes a stone again. The Revex Lime line is based on the mixture of natural raw materials that blend perfectly with the most advanced technology to be able to operate in such a demanding market.

Tradition in innovation in the design of a superior quality lime mortar

Sometimes innovation involves looking back and reviewing all those construction solutions that have been successful in the past. This has been the starting point in the development of the Revex Lime product line.

Before being replaced by other types of materials, lime mortar had established itself as the undisputed protagonist of construction. However, thanks to the application of new technologies, the use of lime mortars has re-established itself as an ecological, durable and versatile solution that brings naturalness and efficiency to construction systems.

Revex Lime mortars work like any other type of product with similar characteristics. Its mixing and application process is totally traditional, as our ancestors taught us; noble and natural materials mixed with water and applied. They are marketed in sacks, mixed with the proportions of water indicated for each variety and are ready for use. There is no need to change the method of use because it is a natural, ecological and sustainable product.

A line of products that covers all essential needs

The quality of lime mortars has been proven by centuries of experience. The use of this material has provided coatings of excellent quality that have survived the passage of time in an exceptional way. Why not recover the essence of the traditional?

In our efforts to always offer the best solutions to our customers, we have proposed the Revex Lime line of products as an integral solution to all the needs of your projects. All of them are 100% lime mortars, suitable for new construction as well as for the rehabilitation and restoration of deteriorated surfaces, easy to apply and totally ecological.

However, each of the proposals in this catalog is designed to offer even more effective results in certain circumstances: interiors or exteriors, wall renovation, control of wall humidity, thin-bed finishes, laying and grouting, single-layer rendering…

We encourage you to discover the particularities of each of these products and how much they can contribute to your future construction projects. They are an integral solution to the most common construction problems, especially in those projects related to the recovery of old buildings, where lime mortar shows its full potential as never before.

¿De qué manera te benefician nuestros morteros ecológicos 100% de cal?

Assuming that each project has its own particularities and that each of these products is oriented to a specific use, in general, the main advantages of lime mortar can be summarized in these 5 points:

  1. Plasticity and malleability that makes it very easy to apply in an infinity of surfaces and its use in ornamentation works.
  2. Fungicide and disinfectant effect that will prevent the formation of fungus and humidity in the walls.
  3. Breathability to increase resistance and durability despite the passage of time, better absorbing moisture and preventing the formation of cracks and chipping.
  4. Ease of removal and replacement as it is a reversible material and easy to handle.
  5. Versatility when it comes to using it in all types of projects, whether new construction or rehabilitation of old buildings.

Silicate paint: the ideal companion for Revex Lime products.

While lime mortars have an undeniable natural appeal, you will get a lot out of Revex Lime products by combining them with the perfect finish provided by silicate paint.

After 10 to 15 days from the application of the lime mortar and depending on the specific climatic conditions of each area, the work surface should already show a unified tone, without those characteristic stains of water retention. This is the right time to use silicate paint and give the project a touch of distinction.

Discover the most ecological and natural solution for renovating, plastering and coating walls with the Revex Lime product line. 100% lime mortars with a wide range of benefits that will help you give your projects perfect finishes and solutions while contributing to the development of a sustainable and environmentally conscious construction model.

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