Do you want to repair and decorate floors and walls with a single system? Buy Decopox, a coating mortar for interiors that provides an aesthetic and resistant result as if it were an industrial mortar. It is a water-based two-component epoxy mortar that acts as a wall covering and, at the same time, as a mortar for interior flooring.

Its wide range of colours and its ability to adapt to multiple environments make it perfect for use as a mortar to decorate walls exclusively for you, as at Pavistamp we manufacture RAL, NCS and universal colours.

At the same time, it can be used as a semi self-levelling mortar that can be used on an infinite number of surfaces such as ceramic, stone, marble, tiles, concrete or tiles and the mortar performance is outstanding. Decopox is a wear resistant epoxy mortar because it is extremely hard.

It is a clean material and spreads very easily without the need for specific knowledge. Use it as a decorative mortar with customised textures and finishes for your offices, flats, hotel corridors, commercial premises, etc. Note that you can also use it as a material to cover kitchen worktops, shelves and benches.

It has no joints and is not absorbent but is permeable to vapour. Contact our Pavistamp specialists for specific information on applying Decopox to surfaces.

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