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Take advantage of the vacations to renovate your company’s flooring

¿Necesitas hacer reformas en tu lugar de trabajo? El mes de agosto suele ser un período de baja actividad que las empresas aprovechan para cerrar sus puertas y tomarse un descanso.

Precisely for this reason it is the perfect time of the year to think about some touch-ups to improve the performance of your business, among them, the renovation of the floor with functional solutions such as continuous flooring.

Why do you need to renovate the floor of your industrial buildings and premises?

Time is unforgiving and the continuous use of facilities, both industrial and commercial, takes its toll on the floor. It is usual to pay more attention to other structural elements that are perhaps more visible, but the good condition of the floor is also a determining factor in the proper functioning of your business. On the other hand, this type of intervention is complicated in that it is necessary to clear the entire area to proceed with the renovation. This requires the closure of the facilities and, consequently, a break in your daily activity. However, with good planning you can carry out these renovations without affecting the operation of your company. Have you thought about the opportunity offered by the month of August to undertake these works? Usually it is a month with little workload that many take advantage of to take a vacation. You can use it to renovate the floor of your facilities with a great continuous flooring solution. It will take you almost no time and the results are spectacular.

Give a fresh air to your business

If you are determined to make changes to your business facilities during the upcoming vacations, go for the most efficient solution. Our products are the most innovative in the field of epoxy mortars and versatile continuous flooring solutions, a functional alternative that allows you to enjoy an attractive and highly resistant floor in a very short time. A functional alternative that allows you to enjoy an attractive and highly resistant floor in a very short time. Why are our materials specially designed for heavy traffic floors? Their characteristics explain very well their excellent performance and their adaptation to all types of commercial and industrial activities:

  • They have a good anchorage on concrete.
  • They are capable of withstanding high pressures (up to 5,500 kg per square meter), which is great if you use machinery in your warehouses or premises.
  • They offer excellent protection against wear and tear caused by vehicular traffic.
  • Its hardness is far superior to that of any concrete currently on the market.
  • Its use is suitable for both chemical and food installations.
  • They withstand very well the humidity and the spillage of other liquids of chemical or organic origin.
  • It is a multilayer system capable of leveling the bumps and cracks that are formed in the concrete without compromising the aesthetics.
  • It offers different types of finish depending on the space for which the floor is intended. For this reason it is also a sensational solution as decorative flooring, in interiors and in large surfaces where there is intense traffic and high levels of wear and tear.

Your new continuous pavement will be ready in a very short time.

Apart from the great functional and compositional advantages, are the facilities that this product offers at the technical level. Compared to other similar alternatives, this proposal of the Pavistamp brand is characterized by the ease of application and the immediacy with which you will have your new continuous pavement. Thanks to the speed of the polymerization process, which is fully completed within 7 days of application, the floor of your warehouse, commercial or industrial premises will be ready in record time and with a very attractive final appearance. For the correct application you only have to take into account the following recommendations:

  • Substrate preparation is very important. The floor must be leveled and free of dust, oils or any other type of dirt. Mechanical cleaning of the pavement on which the epoxy mortar is to be applied is recommended. Roughing and opening the pore of the base concrete guarantees perfect adhesion of the product.
  • The ambient temperature during application should not be below 15º and the humidity should not exceed 85%. These are two other good reasons to carry out these works in the summer months.
  • The components should be mixed with a mechanical mixer and at low revolutions to ensure homogenization.
  • The resulting mass can be spread without problems with the help of a trowel or chopper.
  • Drying to the touch occurs within an hour of application, but total drying will take between 8 and 12 hours, at which time the pavement is ready for traffic. However, for the circulation of forklifts or heavy vehicles it will be necessary to wait at least another 7 days until the polymerization is completed.
  • It is important to check that there is no moisture, as in such cases a vapor barrier with Ecopox-Cem Plus 3C coating, the best primer solution for resin coatings, should also be applied.
  • Once the surface is dry, it can be sealed with other products to guarantee an impeccable finish: Pavex-2C color, Orfapol 50, Paviplast epoxy, etc.
  • You will be able to give your new floor the look you like the most or the one that best suits the activity of your premises. Among the advantages of epoxy resins is the ease with which paints or varnishes can be used on them.

Do you have any doubts about the use or advantages of this product? Do not hesitate to contact Pavistamp’s sales department to get the answers you need. In addition, we periodically organize theoretical and practical courses with all the necessary information to get the most out of this and other interesting products of the brand.

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