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Zaragoza Central Market, a new success for Pavistamp.

The renovation of the centenary Central Market of Zaragoza has created a new meeting place, modifying the city center and promoting the consumption of local products among locals and tourists.

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Two years of work were necessary to completely renovate this magnificent architectural work of 1903. The findings of the original fish market by the original architect, Felix Navarro, were maintained in order to ensure that the renovation would maintain the traditional infrastructure and expand with new stall designs for the businesses that work there along with a remodeled urban environment.

Why choose us?

Our work has been taken into account because we have solutions for coatings that are up to the demands in very large, versatile spaces, where a low level of wear and high resistance is needed.

This is why the material chosen to renovate all the floors was Decopox. It had to be a coating with high resistance to traffic due to the number of people who walk through the market every day and durable with almost no maintenance, to ensure a surface with optimal results over time.

Each of the application stages for the floor renovation was rigorously supervised to ensure a perfect finish. The preparation before starting work required measures to be considered to check the condition of the floor. Such as substrate preparation, repairing cracks to achieve maximum flatness.

From there, we evaluated how to proceed and then the priming process was carried out to achieve a stable support and at the same time a homogeneous anchorage for the application of Decopox.

The application of Decopox with the subsequent finishing and cleaning of the whole place meant a necessary renovation to adapt the floors to the current times, within a framework of integral rehabilitation of the space thinking about new commercial needs for the XXI century and thus fulfilling all the requirements proposed by the facultative management.

It is important to highlight that the application of this microcement kit is relevant for large spaces, large engineering works and places where heavy machinery is exposed and constantly circulating and needs a floor that, indoors or outdoors, supports the weight, guarantees stability and high levels of resistance to wear and tear.

New life in Zaragoza’s Central Market

Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, the Market is an icon of the city. Strolling, walking, shopping, having lunch or dinner, browsing the stalls are daily routines for many inhabitants and it was necessary to give it a new lifestyle. After having settled temporarily in another place, the merchants recovered their stalls, even new ones arrived.

The city center has improved and sales are expected to increase even more. Tourists and locals alike have been waiting for this moment to arrive and now it is time to enjoy it.

This reopening meant a lot of work and effort. We are very proud to have been part of the renovation of such an important space as the Central Market of Zaragoza. Putting such an important place back on its feet deserves to be taken with the seriousness and professionalism that characterizes us and in Pavistamp we have done so.

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